Time for a #LoveAThon – Plus a Giveaway!


Hey all! I signed up to participate in the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon, hosted by Katelyn from Tales of Books and Bands and Alexa from Alexa Loves Books.  Basically this is an entire event surrounded around giving love to book bloggers out there and helping share the love.  What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend, am I right?  I am so excited to take some time this weekend to poke around the blogosphere giving love to the bloggers that really inspire me and finding new ones to follow!  To see all the details, check out either one of their blogs or follow the hashtag #LoveAThon on Twitter.  There are chats and giveaways and lots of fun to be had.  Join us!

As part of the Love-A-Thon, the awesome hosts pair us up with another blogger to do a little interview and get to know them. I about lost my little mind when I saw I was paired with Rachel from Tiger Lily Rachel.  She is one of my favorite book bloggers and I am really excited to potentially introduce her to someone who might not already know how awesome she is.  She primarily blogs about books, but also music and gives some great blogging advice. I love the voice of her blog and think her reviews are spot on.  You should DEFINITELY go check her out if by some chance you haven’t already – and you can read my interview with her over there as well!

Interview with Rachel from Tiger Lily Rachel


How long have you been blogging and what are some of your high points from your blogging history?

I’ve been blogging since July of 2012, so about a year and a half! I think some of my high points include getting the chance to interview Leila Howland (author of Nantucket Blue) and going to BEA.

What’s your favorite genre to read and why? 

My favorite genre is contemporary YA. It’s what I relate to the most and I love seeing how other people/characters deal with situations that I’ve been through.

What’s your go to strategy for busting a reading slump?

First I let myself take a few days off. Most of my reading slumps come from reading a lot of books one right after another, so sometimes I just need time away. Then I’ll pick up a book that I can almost guarantee I’ll like and that isn’t for review, and that generally helps.

What do you do with your time aside from blogging?

Well, I’m a student so I spend a lot of time in classes/doing homework. But hobby wise, I’m often out for coffee or lunch with my friends, and probably shopping too. I love to go to concerts with friends as well.

One of my favorite parts of your blog is your musical recommendations – do you listen to music when you read?  Do you have any other reading habits or traditions?

Aww, thank you! I do not listen to music when I read. I can’t concentrate at all and prefer to read in silence. One reading habit I have is I always have to read before bed or I won’t be able to fall asleep. It helps take my mind off of things and relax. I also can only read one book at a time. I was recently reading three books at a time and that was a disaster.

How do you prefer to read – e-reader, hard copy, library books, paperbacks?

Hmmm. I prefer to use my kindle when I’m reading in bed because I can read in the dark, and I love that I can carry hundred of books with me, but I don’t know if it’ll ever replace hard copies. I love holding a book in my hand.

 Top 5 books of the moment? (I’d never ask you to pick forever!)

Ooh! I like this one. Right now I’d say When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle, This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales, Clean by Amy Reed, Moonglass by Jessi Kirby, and Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker.

What character that you’ve read do you think would make an excellent friend?

This is biased because I’m in love with him, but I’d love to have Perry from Under the Never Sky as my friend.

Where can we find you?

On my blog at Tiger Lily Rachel, on Twitter @tigerlilyrachel, or follow me on Instagram for bookish pictures at tigerlilyrachel.

Enter Our Giveaway

Rachel just posted an awesome review of Cress and Marissa Meyer just came here to Dallas for a book signing, so we thought we would take the opportunity to offer you guys a signed copy of the book!  Just follow the handy dandy steps in the Rafflecopter below anytime between now and Monday.  We will contact the winner by February 19!

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24 thoughts on “Time for a #LoveAThon – Plus a Giveaway!

  1. Aww yay! So nice to see more about Rachel! I’ve gotten to meet her a couple times and it’s just so much fun to meet the face behind the blog 🙂
    I can’t really listen to music while reading either. If someone else’s music is on, I can really only read if it’s something I don’t know the lyrics to at ALL. Otherwise I’ll start singing in my head and not reading!
    I’ve really started to warm up to my Kindle. I used to be totally against ereaders because I LOVE physical copies but with all of the egalleys available and no way to read them but my computer, I finally gave in! 🙂

    • I used to think I could listen to music while reading, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve needed to admit to myself that it’s just not possible!

      I personally usually have one real book and one ebook going… so that I can read after dark of course! 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you, Emily! I like your taste in books and look forward to catching up on your reviews.

    Rachel, those are great tips for busting a reading slump. I have my favorite re-reads just for that purpose.

    Contemporary is my fave too so I need to check out some of Rachel’s recs. This song will save your life is amazing.

    Fun interview, ladies! Happy loveathoning!

  3. LOVE Rachel!! So glad I got to meet her at BEA and that she was on my coast this summer so we could have a beach day! I’ve loved getting to know her through books and blogging and then through other more personal convos we’ve had! I feel like a big sis to her and I’ve loved watching her grow as a person and a blogger in the time we’ve known each other <33

    Yay for This Song Will Save Your Life & Moonglass love!!

  4. Yay, Rachel! I loved reading your answers to these interview questions. I’m sincerely glad that you’re growing surer and more confident of the direction you want to take your blog in. Your posts have been amazing lately, so keep them coming! Great interview too, Emily 🙂

  5. I would love to go to BEA one day! One day, I’ll go there. I love that you chose to ask Rachel’s top 5 books ‘of the moment’, because of ‘all time’ is always so hard! Also, Perry is a great choice as a friend and boyfriend. I’m in love with him too, haha 😉

  6. I would love to go to BEA one day. The hubs is constantly saying we should plan a vacation to New York, so I’m sure I could conveniently plan our vacation for while BEA was happening…right? 😀

    I love contemporaries when I read them, but they never scream “Read Me!” like some other genres do to me. I’ll have to check out Rachel’s picks though – I don’t recognize some of them!

  7. Great interview, Emily! It was great learning more about Rachel. I definitely agree on taking a reading break by time and then reading something you’re excited about and don’t have to review. Pressure release.

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